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17 Apr 2014

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Editor's Choice Editor's Choice

Organic magnetoelectroluminescence for room temperature transduction between magnetic and optical information

Magnetic and spin-based technologies for data storage and processing provide unique challenges for information transduction to light because of magnetic metals' optical loss, and the inefficiency and resistivity of semiconductor spin-based emitters at room temperature. Transduction between magnetic and optical information in typical organic semiconductors poses additional challenges, as the spin-orbit interaction is weak and spin injection from magnetic electrodes has been limited to low temperature and low polarization efficiency.

Partitioning of Si and platinum group elements between liquid and solid Fe-Si alloys

Crystallization of the Earth’s inner core fractionates major and minor elements between the solid and liquid metal, leaving physical and geochemical imprints on the Earth's core. For example, the density jump observed at the Inner Core Boundary (ICB) is related to the preferential partitioning of lighter elements in the liquid outer core.

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Significant baseline levels of arsenic found in soil throughout Ohio are due to natural processes

RICHLAND, WA - Geologic and soil processes are to blame for significant baseline levels of arsenic in soil throughout Ohio, according to a study published recently in the Journal of Environmental Quality. "The distribution of arsenic throughout Ohio appears to be the result of natural patterns," said first author Erik Venteris of the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, who was with the Division of Geological Survey of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources when the study was done. (

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A Statement from U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz on New Leadership at Ames National Laboratory

"This week, the Energy Department welcomes Dr. Adam Schwartz as the new director of Ames National Laboratory."... U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz

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Energy Department Announces 15 Million [dollars] to Help Communities Boost Solar Deployment

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In support of the Administration's goal of doubling renewable energy generation for a second time by 2020, the Energy Department today announced 15 million [dollars] to help communities develop multi-year solar plans to install affordable solar electricity for homes and businesses.

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Plants That Practice Genetic Engineering

In the debate over genetically modified crops. one oft-said word is "unnatural." People typically use it when describing how scientists move genes from one species into another. (

Solar energy discovery could lead to power generated in the dark

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University scientists have developed a method that will allow for solar energy to be stored in molecules that can be used to provide homes with water, heat, or can even be utilized for cooking.

How Synchrophasors are Bringing the Grid into the 21st Century

Have you ever heard of a synchrophasor? It may sound like a word out of science fiction, but these mailbox-sized devices are already changing the electrical grid as we know it.

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U.S. SEC Releases Cyber Security Examination Blueprint

U.S. securities regulators have unveiled a road map that lays out how they plan to make sure Wall Street firms are prepared to detect and prevent cyber security attacks.

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The secret to treating your allergies may lie in your stomach

When we think of allergies, we typically think of the scratchy eyes and sneezing that are the hallmark of the onset of allergy season. But what if these allergies had more to do with the bacteria and microbes in your gut than anything going on in your head?

New anti-viral drug may help prevent measles outbreaks, researchers say

A team of researchers has developed an anti-viral drug that may one day be able to prevent measles in people who are not vaccinated, but have been exposed to the highly infectious disease.

Early Data in E-Cigarette Study May Raise Safety Concerns

A laboratory study presented early this year reported that the nicotine-laced vapor generated by an electronic cigarette promoted the development of cancer in certain types of human cells much in the same way that tobacco smoke does.

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Americans wary of futuristic science, tech

Americans are generally excited about the new technology they expect to see in their lifetimes. But when confronted with some advances that already appear possible - from skies filled with drones to meat made in a lab - they get nervous. (w/photos)

Lunar eclipse: Which in 'blood moon' tetrad will put on the best show?

The first of four consecutive total lunar eclipses - that riveting "blood moon" - has occurred. The tetrad has begun! Depending on whether you ask a mystic or a scientist, it may or may not be a sign of the apocalypse. But it could be comforting to note that there are eight sets of tetrads in the 21st century.

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