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01 Apr 2015

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Editor's Choice Editor's Choice

Hydrogels: In-Situ Formation of Growth-Factor-Loaded Coacervate Microparticle-Embedded Hydrogels for Directing Encapsulated Stem Cell Fate

E. Alsberg and co-workers demonstrate the spontaneous formation of coacervate microdroplets and/or coacervate-laden photo-crosslinked hydrogels derived from the simple mixing of photo-crosslinkable methacrylated alginate and methacrylated gelatin over a wide pH range at room temperature ... . This system can be utilized as a novel platform for in situ formation of localized, sustained bioactive molecule delivery to encapsulated stem cells for therapeutic applications.

NextMe: Localization Using Cellular Traces in Internet of Things

NextMe consists of data preprocessing, call pattern recognition, and a hybrid predictor. To design the call pattern recognition module, we introduce the notions of critical calls and corresponding patterns.

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PNNL gets state grant for project with UW, WSU

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland has been awarded 2.25 million [dollars] from the Washington Clean Energy Fund, Gov. Jay Inslee announced Tuesday. The money is to help the Department of Energy laboratory secure matching funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to advance the development of clean energy technologies.

PNNL says goodbye to Mike Kluse

Video of surprise send-off for outgoing PNNL Director Mike Kluse on his last day.

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DOE transfers Hanford waste water facilities to prepare for vit plant

Waste water facilities have been transferred between Hanford Department of Energy offices to support operation of the Hanford tank farm now and the vitrification plant in the future.

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Adding renewable energy to power grid requires flexibility

A study led by Eilyan Bitar, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, offers a comprehensive reimagining of the power grid that involves the coordinated integration of small-scale distributed energy resources.

New research project to study how tropical forests worldwide respond to climate change

Multi-institutional effort led by Berkeley Lab, called NGEE-Tropics, will couple field research with the development of a new ecosystem model. (press release)

Seismic Hazard Resiliency at U.S. Nuclear Power Plants

Since the beginning of the U.S. commercial reactor industry, regulatory agencies have required that nuclear power plant designs take into account the potential threats posed by natural hazards such as earthquakes and floods. The tsunami-caused disaster in Japan in 2011 prompted renewed attention worldwide on these hazards.

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Unsophisticated Trojan Malware Targets Middle East Energy Companies: Symantec

Cybersecurity specialist Symantec has exposed a new kind of malicious software that is being used as part of an ongoing international espionage campaign. The malware, dubbed Trojan.Laziok, has primarily targeted energy companies in the Middle East, though who first deployed it remains unclear.

Google raises red flag on Chrome add-ons

These ad injectors might seem relatively harmless - more an annoyance cluttering your screen than a malicious cyberattack. But they can also pave a path into your computer for hackers, allowing nefarious actors to silently collect information or remotely take over your computer.

Internet of Things Prompts New Cybersecurity Risks

The rising number of connected devices is multiplying the probability of cyber attacks on companies across sectors, according to a new report from Frost & Sullivan. This is compelling organizations to deploy security technologies in order to protect computing resources, information, networks and applications.

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Why missing a night of sleep can damage your IQ

"There's a very strong correlation between restfulness and leadership," according to Jessica Payne, associate professor and director of the Sleep Stress and Memory Lab at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. "The majority of people need seven to nine hours of sleep and the majority of people don't get that much," cites Payne. It's as important as diet and exercise, she added.

Tell or Not? Germanwings Tragedy Brings Attention to Mental Illness in Workplace

The tragedy is also having a big impact on people in less stressful jobs. People in all walks of life struggle with mental health issues - and worry whether they should disclose their problems to the boss.

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Orca Baby Boom Hits Puget Sound

(AP) - The endangered population of killer whales that spend time in Washington state waters is experiencing a baby boom with a fourth baby orca documented this winter.

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