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17 Oct 2014

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Editor's Choice Editor's Choice

Full ceramic micro solid oxide fuel cells: towards more reliable MEMS power generators operating at high temperatures

This work addresses for the first time the development of a full ceramic micro solid oxide fuel cell fabricated in silicon technology.

Defining Critical Habitats of Threatened and Endemic Reef Fishes with a Multivariate Approach

Understanding critical habitats of threatened and endemic animals is essential for mitigating extinction risks, developing recovery plans, and siting reserves, but assessment methods are generally lacking. We evaluated critical habitats of 8 threatened or endemic fish species on coral and rocky reefs of subtropical eastern Australia, by measuring physical and substratum-type variables of habitats at fish sightings.

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Pollution-coated particles bypass ice formation, but influence clouds

Wrapped in pollution, dust diverts from its usual course and steers clear of water. The result, found researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, closes one more gap in understanding how - and when - cloud ice crystals form. (

Richland’s Timbers Apartments wins green business award

Timbers Apartments in Richland was named Green Business of the Year by the city of Richland at its Green Living Awards ceremony Thursday. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory was awarded the Green Program of the Year for its sustainable campus program and Friends of Badger Mountain took home the Excellence in Environment Stewardship. ... PNNL has worked toward a sustainable campus with new construction building standards, energy management and efficient landscaping. One unusual project uses florescent lighting to power paper towel dispensers.

UT Nuclear Engineers Part of Three Grants Totaling 2.6 Million [dollars]

The project [UT Assistant Professor Jamie] Coble is working on is being headed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory but features UT as a collaborating institution, for which the university’s share will come to around 290,000 [dollars] over three years. (press release)

Catalyst May Improve Biofuels

Washington State Univ. researchers have developed a new catalyst that could lead to making biofuels cheaply and more efficiently. Led by Voiland Distinguished Prof. Yong Wang, the researchers mixed inexpensive iron with a tiny amount of rare palladium to make the catalyst. ... "The synergy between the palladium and the iron is incredible," said Wang, who holds a joint appointment with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and WSU. (

Green Building Initiative Celebrates a Decade of Growth and Influence

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - In 2013, after a year-long study by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the General Services Administration and the Department of Defense both recognized Green Globes as one of only two rating systems recommended for Federal projects.

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Spokane judge to hear Hanford consent decree case

Richland - Judge Rosanna Malouf Peterson, of Spokane, has been assigned to the Hanford consent decree case in federal court.

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Nuclear regulator: Yucca dump site meets safety standards

The nation's top nuclear energy regulator said on Thursday that the Energy Department's plans for closing and storing nuclear waste indefinitely at the controversial Yucca Mountain dump site in Nevada would meet safety requirements.

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First step toward asteroid mining: Planetary Resources set to launch test satellite

Planetary Resources is set to launch its first satellite Oct. 24, a significant step in the Redmond company's ambitious goal of mining precious metals and water from asteroids. The first satellite Akryd 3 satellite won't do any of that, however.

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A Carbon Capture and Storage Breakthrough

Canada's SaskPower opened the world's first large-scale, coal-fired power plant equipped with CCS technology. The new 1.5-billion [dollar] power plant is owned by the provincial government and has been hailed as a turning point in the utility industry.

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Cyber security units to protect Russia's nuclear weapons stockpiles

The IT systems of all Russian nuclear weapons stockpiles will be protected by a new team of anti-hackers, the Defense Ministry said after a year-long "hunting season" for programmers. Special units of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces (SMF), responsible for the country's nuclear weapons, will reduce the vulnerability, should it be found, in their brand-new information systems, according to the Defense Ministry's spokesman.

Cybersecurity: Turning the Tide on Hackers with Dispersive Technologies

With offices in Georgia and Virginia, Dispersive Technologies has taken a page out of military communications security and applied it to the Internet in spectacular fashion. Their novel cybersecurity approach increases the degree of difficulty that even the most determined Black Hat hacker must face in order to mount an attack.

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E-Cigarettes in the Workplace

Employers should be aware of the new electronic cigarette fad, and the need to address workplace policies accordingly.

How wearables and wellness programs are transforming the workplace

Employee wellness programs are one of the driving forces behind wearables in the workplace today. Employers and insurers are seeing increased value in employee wellness. Today these programs are largely focused on basic metrics like weight loss and management, step counting, and smoking cessation.

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AskEnergySaver: Answering Your Home Heating Questions

Have questions about renewable energy for your home? Submit them here and our expert will answer them next week!

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