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26 Nov 2014

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Editor's Choice Editor's Choice

Selective Transformation of Syngas into Gasoline-Range Hydrocarbons over Mesoporous H-ZSM-5-Supported Cobalt Nanoparticles

Bifunctional Fischer-Tropsch (FT) catalysts that couple uniform-sized Co nanoparticles for CO hydrogenation and mesoporous zeolites for hydrocracking/isomerization reactions were found to be promising for the direct production of gasoline-range (C5-11) hydrocarbons from syngas.

...cobaloxime-derived metal-organic framework-based composite for light-driven H2 production

We present a synthetic strategy for the efficient encapsulation of a derivative of a well-defined cobaloxime proton reduction catalyst within a photoresponsive metal-organic framework (NH2-MIL-125(Ti)). The resulting hybrid system Co@MOF is demonstrated to be a robust heterogeneous composite material. Furthermore, Co@MOF is an efficient and fully recyclable noble metal-free catalyst system for light-driven hydrogen evolution from water under visible light illumination.

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DOE: Report assesses value of cofiring biomass with coal

(US DOE) - A joint Idaho National Laboratory and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory report presents the results of an evaluation funded by the Bioenergy Technologies Office that examines the effects of substituting up to 20 percent renewable biomass for coal in electricity production.

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CH2M Hill awarded 5 million [dollars] for 2013 Hanford work

The Department of Energy has awarded CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Co. 4.9 million [dollars] for its work at Hanford during fiscal 2013. That was 95 percent of the incentive pay available...

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Sandia scientist gets prison term for taking DOE laptop to China

A former scientist at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico was sentenced Monday to one year and one day in prison after pleading 'guilty' to bringing restricted government equipment along on a trip to China.

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Obama to Introduce Sweeping New Controls on Ozone Emissions

The Obama administration is expected to release on Wednesday a contentious and long-delayed environmental regulation to curb emissions of ozone, a smog-causing pollutant linked to asthma, heart disease and premature death.

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Atoms colder than outer space are the key to futuristic nano-sensors

Experts at The University of Nottingham have secured a 6 million [Pound] grant to build a research facility to prototype a new generation of tiny nano-sensors. The research centre, based in the University's School of Physics and Astronomy, will use super-cooled build sophisticated sensors which could revolutionise diagnostic medicine and navigation technologies.

Beyond geometry: Shape entropy links nanostructures with emergent macroscopic behavior in natural and engineered systems

Now, materials science and chemical engineering researchers working with computer simulations of colloidal suspensions of hard nanoparticles at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor have linked entropy and emergence through a little-understood property they refer to as shape entropy - an emergent, entropic effect - unrelated to geometric entropy or topological entropy - that differs from and competes with intrinsic shape properties that arise from both the shape geometry and the material itself and affect surface, chemical and other intrinsic properties. (

Protons fuel graphene prospects

Graphene, impermeable to all gases and liquids, can easily allow protons to pass through it, University of Manchester researchers have found. (

WaveNET - the floating, flexible wave energy generator

Scotland's Albatern is putting a new, modular spin on renewable energy generation. WaveNET is a scalable array of floating "Squid" generator units that harvest wave energy as their buoyant arms rise and fall with the motion of the waves.

Power Shift: a Durham company seeks to change an industry

In 2009, Rodney Allam sat down with a four-function calculator and began to model an emissions-free power generation cycle. Over the course of several months, he came out with pages of calculations and a crucial number, called net efficiency. This number indicated Allam's cycle was more efficient than existing power generating cycles, while at the same time, it captured 100 percent of carbon emissions. Now, 140 million [dollars] in investments later by some of the world's largest energy firms, a 25-person Durham business hopes to upend the entire energy industry.

U.S. Green Building Council Announces 2015 Board Members

(U.S. Green Building Council) - The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced today the newly elected and appointed officers and directors to its 2015 Board of Directors.

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Survey Looks at Grossest Workplace Habits

"While workplaces are full of poor hygiene habits, their frequency tends to increase around cold and flu season," said Dave Mesko, senior director of marketing for Cintas.

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