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11 Feb 2016

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Editor's Choice Editor's Choice

Lasing in robust cesium lead halide perovskite nanowires

We report the low-temperature, solution-phase growth of cesium lead halide nanowires exhibiting low-threshold lasing and high stability.

Femtosecond and nanometre visualization of structural dynamics in superheated nanoparticles

We show that coherent X-ray diffraction images from isolated single samples can be used to visualize femtosecond electron density dynamics.

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Tracking microbial mat formation in Yellowstone

A team of researchers from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and DOE JGI, led by longtime DOE JGI collaborator Bill Inskeep of Montana State University, developed a conceptual model that details how microbial mats are formed in hot, acidic springs in the Yellowstone caldera. The team sequenced DNA samples extracted from two acidic geothermal springs at various timepoints over two months in Norris Geyser Basin at Yellowstone National Park. (

Federal budget proposal promising for PNNL research

The Obama administration's budget request for fiscal 2017 looks promising for research at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, according to officials at the national lab in Richland. It supports nationwide funding for research in PNNL focus areas, including non-proliferation, grid modernization, energy efficient buildings, energy storage, cybersecurity and "big data," and environmental remediation.

Using salty mist to disinfect rooms earns PNNL an award

A new way to disinfect entire rooms using a fine, salty mist has earned recognition for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The Federal Laboratory consortium has picked the commercialization of that technology and the laboratory's system to prevent cybersecurity attacks for 2016 Excellence in Technology Transfer awards.

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Cantwell tells treasury secretary to make Hanford a priority

A day after the Obama administration released a proposal for a reduced Hanford budget, Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., was raising the issue in a Senate Committee hearing.

Washington state names interim leader for Hanford regulation

The director of the Washington State Department of Ecology's Office of Columbia River will temporarily step into the role of acting program manager in charge of the state's work as a Hanford regulator. Starting March 1 Tom Tebb, a native of the Yakima Valley, will serve as acting manager of the Department of Ecology Nuclear Waste Program, Ecology Deputy Director Polly Zehm announced Wednesday.

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Los Alamos lab would get 2.1 billion [dollars] in proposed budget; officials discuss plans for making plutonium 'pits'

SANTA FE, N.M. - The Obama adminstration's proposed fiscal [2017] budget for the Department of Energy, released Tuesday, allocates 2.1 billion [dollars] for Los Alamos National Laboratory.

State goes to court to keep MOX project on track

South Carolina has sued the U.S. Department of Energy over plans to shutter the controversial MOX project at Savannah River Site.

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DARPA Seeks 2.97 Billion [dollars] in FY 17 for Futuristic Defense Projects

The U.S. Defense Department's fiscal 2017 budget carves out the same appropriation that it did last year for its futuristic research arm, asking Congress to again allocate 2.97 billion [dollars] to pay for a range of seemingly science fiction endeavors, such as launching swarms of autonomous drones to a program to turn chemical weapons into fertilized dirt and efforts to address memory deficits caused by traumatic brain injuries.

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Breakthrough: Scientists at Hanford, Louisiana detect Einstein-predicted ripples

Washington (AP) - Scientists at Hanford and in Louisiana said that they have finally detected gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein predicted a century ago. Scientists likened the breakthrough to the moment Galileo took up a telescope to look at the planets. (w/video)

Contrary to popular opinion, Life Sciences Discovery Fund is not dead

Funding woes aside, the state's Life Sciences Discovery Fund is very much alive. The fund, which has received the budget axe from state lawmakers, awarded a 1.8 million [dollar] grant to the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association on Wednesday.

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Cities Unleash Secret Underground Weapon to Become Clean Energy Powerhouses

Companies are tapping into cities' underground networks of steam pipes as a source of clean energy. "Green steam," as it's called, "recaptures and reuses thermal energy previously lost to the environment, utilizing advanced cogeneration technology," according to Paris-based Veolia, which operates a dozen of these networks in North American cities including Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Montreal.

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Russia to Upgrade Nuclear Weapons in Response to NATO's Buildup - Lawmaker

Moscow - Moscow will improve its nuclear arsenal development in response to NATO's buildup in Eastern Europe, the Federation Council committee's deputy chairman said Wednesday.

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Can sustainable office buildings increase workers' productivity?

Green buildings can both protect the environment and benefit the people using them. But to do so, users should be involved in the planning from the very beginning. ... There is more to sustainability than just energy efficiency. Sustainability is also about the people using the building. ... A recent working paper by the European Joint Research Centre identifies "healthy and comfortable spaces" as one of the key factors necessary to judge the environmental performance of a building.

Zika Virus: Appropriate Workplace Responses

The Zika virus has been the topic of much discussion and anxiety for many weeks. ... This post addresses some of the employment issues raised by the Zika virus.

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D.C. firm picked for Richland nuclear plant investigation

A Washington, D.C., law firm has been selected to investigate allegations in anonymous letters received by members of Energy Northwest's governing board concerning the nuclear power plant near Richland.

Spring enrollment spikes at WSU Tri-Cities

After setting a record enrollment of more than 1,600 students in the fall, Washington State University Tri-Cities has hit another milestone with its spring enrollment. The Richland campus has the largest growth rate in the WSU system for its spring enrollment of 1,510 students. ...Tthe campus' proximity to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and contractors at the Hanford site make it easier for students to find internships and mentoring with professionals there.

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Happy Birthday, Thomas Edison (Nikola Tesla Fans Exempted)

Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla? Tesla or Edison? ... It has become, figuratively and literally, a geek parlor game to argue over which inventor was "better" or more relevant, genius or lucky, evil or nuts. ... The switch on this electric innovator debate is sure to be thrown again this week as we commemorate what would have been Edison's 169th birthday on Feb. 11.

Paris Is Building A Floating Village In The Middle Of A Forest

In a few years, a parking lot at the edge of Paris will turn into what architects call "a floating village in the middle of a forest" - a tree-covered building, topped with homes on the roof, that doubles as a pedestrian bridge over a nearby highway.

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